Friday, February 19, 2010

Pebbled Sectional Tea Dividers

*The dog bled quite a bit. The inside of my car, the landing, the upstairs carpet, the couch-all were bedecked with spots of dog blood. Took the three mooks to get their nails trimmed yesterday, and one of the groomers cut one of the nails one of Gracie's back toes waaaaaay to short. So, there was dog blood everywhere. Put direct pressure on it-we got it to stop. Put styptic powder on it-we got it to stop. The minute she went outside and ran around in the snow, it was bye-bye clot, and the whole bloody process started all over again. Even took her to the vet to see if there was anything they could do, and their suggestion was to put a Ziploc bag over her foot before she goes outside. What? A Ziploc bag?? I was thinking maybe some cautery or something like that, but, no, they dove into the big bag of veterinary medicine and came up with a Ziploc bag. I was not amused. Not to mention that all of this caused me to have to deal with a highly cranky Boss. I was so not happy. I was going try wrapping her nail in some Parafilm and see how that worked. The MIL went out and got her some disposable booties, which could also work, if we can get them on her. I had considered some nail polish or Super Glue, but I don't want to poison the dog or seal in some infective agent. In the end, it all became a moot point, as after a full night of sleeping, the nail has sealed itself up. So far. On the flip side, now the yard is all muddy, so we've switched from one dog with a single bleeding toe to three dogs with a total of twelve dirty feet. The Boss has also decided that while the other two are destined to continue to have their nails done elsewhere, she will now be taking care of Gracie's nails herself.

*I am still not sure what possessed me to climb up on an ice and snow covered roof Thursday. In spite of that monstrous display of stupidity, I made it back down without a rapid, unexpected assist from gravity.

*All hail the return of Bluegirl!

*Having a new Fire Mountain catalog means I should probably put the credit card where I can't easily get to it. Even though I have yet to inventory what I have left over from my craft fair days, I've already got quite a list going of components I want to try to integrate into my tiki carvings.

*I don't know if it's a good thing or not that I looked at the desk calendar yesterday. I saw a note there that said it was time for me to switch projects in order to have both reworked in time for the TAILS event next month. I wouldn't have minded so much if I hadn't spent the past few days basically doing nothing on either piece. Now I feel like I'm under the gun, even though the time not spent working on either pieces is completely my fault. I could just leave Stumpy in the state he's in and concentrate all my efforts on the other piece. Not quite sure what I want to do, but whichever way I go, my time is going to run out real soon. And in the meantime, that Osage orange log is getting drier and harder to work with. Even with really sharp chisels push carving is just about impossible, at least without making my hand go numb. So, the material may end up telling me when the piece is done instead of my artistic vision. Anyway, no matter how you slice it, I got 7 days left to pull this off.

*It does have an input for my IPod. It also has a remote control. I have no idea why it needs a remote control, but I was assured by the installer guy that it was a good thing.

*Turns out the SIL will be joining us on Saturday morning. Good thing the Boss and I tend to wander separately while we're at these things. Should help me keep my comments civil. And, even though I shouldn't, I'm already compiling a list of things I want to find at the flea market. Tiki stuff, of course is at the top of the list. It would be mice to find a few more HeroScape sets, but beyond that, I can't think of anything in particular that I'm looking for as far as games go. Pin-up art is something I'm hoping to find. Bettie Page pin-up art would be even better. A Keebler tree house cookie jar would be nice. And if I ever see that coffin lid mirror again, I will definitely be buying that.

*While it may be considered rude to torment someone while they're on the phone, it can also be quite amusing. It should be noted that in this situation that the term 'torment' has a highly variable and interpretive definition.

*Another foot of snow on the way next week?? Damn groundhog...

*Best new slogan of the week: "Sex first, then guacamole."


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