Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wet Cork Turkey Lifting Prongs

*Another snow event came and went without living up to the hype surrounding it. I can think that it was a good thing in this case, since it was really wet, heavy snow. 6+" of that stuff would have been a killer. 2-3" was just a bit annoying.

*The first flea market of the season was not too bad. Getting up at 6AM sucked, but the show wasn't too bad. No HeroScape stuff, though. No Weeble tree house either. Did find a nice picture of Bettie. And after looking through the whole show and finding no tiki items, I went to my fallback option and did find some nice postcards. And I bought a jeweler's loupe. And a couple of matchbooks. Like I said, nothing stellar, but not a bad way to spend a Saturday morning. Except for the people there who had yet to discover the wonders of soap and deodorant.

*The Boss wanted to try duck for a change, so we had duck for lunch on Monday. I wasn't struck by any great or outstanding flavor difference between it and other bird-type-meats, but it was quite juicy (fatty?). All in all, I don't think I'd refuse it should it be offered again.

*Much as I thought would happen, the time available to me to get things done for the TAILS event has all but evaporated. Stumpy just aint gonna make it to the auction block this year. My second choice replacement is a no-go, as is my third choice replacement. I'm hanging my hopes on a fourth round choice that is something I just started today. If that doesn't work, at least I have 3 good and varied pieces for the auction. The Osage orange one I'm not really wanting to give up, but I know that there are a few more pieces of that wood out in the garage that I can use. OK, now the fourth choice replacement has gone by the wayside in favor of a fifth choice replacement. That one is definitely going, and rounds out the quartet of items I'm donating this year. All four have all been cleaned up, signed, and will be delivered Thursday after lunch. The part that's going to annoy me is when I actually hand the stuff over and they ask me what it's worth. I have no idea what to say. There is not a single piece of the stock material that cost me one red cent, so I can't calculate value based on that. You never get paid for the time you spent working on things like that, plus I never keep track of that anyway. That leaves me with market value. Market value. Right. How does one calculate the market value of tiki carvings in central DeKalb county that are done by an amateur on scrap materials? Your guess is as good as mine. I think they're worth whatever the winning bid on each one is. Which is something I really need to remember to write down this year. But, in order to get to write it off on my taxes, I have to declare some arbitrary, but still reasonable, monetary value for them. It's highly likely that I could still be contemplating this on the drive over to TAILS.

*After many, many recommendations by a wide range of people, we finally gave in and rented 'The Hangover'. And, for something that is basically just an updated and expanded version of 'Bachelor Party', it was pretty darn amusing. The part that was the best was watching the Boss have to admit that it was indeed funny after being fairly reluctant to watch it.

*Usually, when I see something that I wouldn't mind having for my collection, but end up not buying, I hardly ever get a second shot at that item. This weekend I got to break that trend. After the flea market, since it was on the way, I wanted to stop at American Science and Surplus to see if I just might be able to find the skeleton that I've been wanting to buy. No luck on the skeleton, but I did find a Moai touch lamp that I had passed on buying at Spencer Gifts ages ago. I grabbed it without thinking twice. I know 'touch lamp' isn't the right name for it, but I can't remember what is. It's one of those lamps that looks like it has lightning in it and when you touch it with your hand, it changes the way the lightning moves around inside-whatever that's called. Anyway, this one is in the shape of a Moai, It's green when it's turned on, but it's blue when it's off, so it looks cool either way. Me likey.

*The first song to get fired through the new stereo was "Breakaway" by Big Pig. The main thing I find myself having to remember is that while the stereo is new, the speakers are not. Therefore excessive volume is still something to be avoided.

*Every now and again I see a movie that is something quite different from what you find in most American movies. Something that was made just to tell a neat story in an interesting way and not just to appeal to the lowest common denominator and make millions and millions of dollars. This time, that movie was 'Absurdistan'. There was something very appealing in how differently the story was told, and with such an economy of dialogue. It was one of the most charming, almost dreamlike foreign films I've seen in a long time. Yes, it's basically a love story. Yes, it has subtitles. Rent it anyway. And if you're having a hard time convincing someone to watch it with you, remind them that it also has gunplay, nudity, and attempted phone sex in it.

*The only thing that I can think of to explain my rather disjointed state of mind lately is the notion that I am coming out from under the influence of the meds. Maybe my brain is going through a period of reprogramming while it adjusts to the different level of chemicals present. Or maybe it's a tumor.

*I rarely encounter someone that makes me feel like a totally inert lump of goo. More rarely do I encounter someone who makes me feel like a totally inert lump of goo and that is hot beyond belief. I does happen though, and has again. So, now there's one more to go up on the Wall of Inspiration.

*I was recently asked by the Boss if I had any ideas what I was going to do as far as the garden goes this year. I hadn't really thought about it until that very moment. I just don't know. If I can keep my artistic momentum going, there won't be a whole lot of leftover time for gardening. If I can at least the get the rest of the perennials in, then things should take care of themselves for the most part. In the back, Gracie and Stella have established a running pattern right along the fence where I usually plant my morning glories, so I'm not sure what to do about that. The main thing that does need to get done in back is to get that area under the one maple tree reestablished with grass. Doesn't matter if I use sod or seed, the beasts will need to be excluded from that area until it takes off. I should also reroute their ramp so it exits under the deck in the gravel instead of into the mud pit in the yard. But for the moment, there is still snow on the ground, so I'm not going to worry about it a whole lot.

*A recumbent bike and a human skeleton. What's so wrong with that? What am I supposed to say I want-gift cards??


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