Friday, February 26, 2010

Creaky Yellow Armadillow Unicycles

*First of all, let me say that I'd never thought I'd be trying the first sushi restaurant in DeKalb, much less the second. Even more unlikely was the notion that there would be one sushi place open singly, much less having two sushi places that were open at the same time. But now there are, and I have tried them both. Haru of Japan is a bit fancier than Fushi Yami, and the prices are a bit steeper. I sorta hate to say it, but it's a really nice looking place on the inside. The presentation of the sushi was lovely (taking into account my limited exposure to such things), and the variety was somewhat daunting to my inexperienced eyes. We had the Chef's choice, which consisted of 8 different sushis and some spicy tuna rolls. I had thought the spicy tuna was going to be actual tuna, but I think it may have been tuna roe. I'm not sure. The first one I had had a bit too strong of a 'fishy' taste and aroma for what I tend to like. But, I figured I'd try another one before making up my mind. I hit that one up with a touch of wasabi, and it was all right. the texture was OK, and I had no problem with the seaweed, but there was still a bit of that fishiness lurking there. I usually do well with rolls, but I think I may avoid this particular one in the future. Now, as far as the sushi went, the only problem we had was that we weren't quite sure what it was that made up our sushi sampler. There was one that the Boss tried and didn't really care for. She thought it was eel, I thought it was octopus. Either way, she didn't care for the texture. The rest of the pieces were quite tasty, even though we had no idea what they were. It may have been better that way. Anyway, Haru is a nice place, but a little outside of what we want to pay unless we're going out for some special reason. Most likely, if one or both of us has an interest in sushi, we'll probably head over to Fushi Yami.

*I can only think that my brain is still trying to relearn all it's connections without all the additional artificial chemicals. The ability to finish a crossword puzzle is eluding me at the moment. Organizational puzzles seem to be flying over my head as well. I haven't even tried anything of a highly deductive nature out of fear that I may actually start a fire inside my skull. I'm betting that would sting something fierce.

*The song stuck in my head right now? 'Drink Whiskey and Shut Up' by Brian Setzer.

*He brought in a psychic?? Really? Never saw that coming. Guess that's why I'm not a psychic...

*Dropped off the auction items at TAILS Thursday. Of course, the person I had been in touch with wasn't there. Plus, with all the construction going on at the new building, the place looked like a war zone. Still managed to get in and get things dropped off, and also brought along some other dog-related items that we don't use anymore. Also managed to leave without adding another member to the pack. The only thing I have left to iron out is how they intend to put the items up at the actual auction. Last year, the economy was crap and it's only gotten worse. That was the reason I donated 4 items this year, two of which were on the small side. That way, hopefully, those who can't afford to bid on the larger, more expensive items could still be able to bid on something neat. At least that was my intent. I'm still waiting to hear back from my contact person as to how they intend on handling the items.

*I've been carrying the chess game with me every day to work. I've analyzed at least a dozen moves trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each play. And, after all that work, I still have no idea what to do.

*After a particularly exhilarating peanut butter sandwich, I have come to the conclusion that I may just be psychic after all. Right now.....I'm sensing .....that one of you out a'm sensing that there is either a man or a woman out there right I'm getting.....a a letter...I'm sensing that someone out there who is either a man or a woman has had an encounter with...someone or something...that involves...the letter 'e'....this is a very strong vision....coming to me quite clearly....definitely the letter 'e' was something that was spoken to them...maybe read by them....but definitely the letter 'e'....and wait....there's a color now.....a peaceful, tranquil spirits say a man or a woman and the letter 'e'....can't tell from across the void if it's a long 'e' or a short 'e', but the energy is definitely that of a vowel...and something white....or whitish.....wait.....I can almost feel the spirit energy around me now....I am sensing that there is someone out there who has known someone who is alive...that's it....the energy is coming to peaceful...reaching out to beautiful....I can sense such positive't leave us....I can sense....I can sense.....they're gone...the spirit energy is gone....

That was an amazing brush with the other side. You should feel blessed to be surrounded by such incredible energies. One hundred dollars, please.

*Trying a new material for tiki creating. Not sure what I think of it. Does ok with push carving, to some degree, but doesn't have a lot of structure when it come to doing low angle corners. It's also OK to work with files, but generates a lot of light, fine dust, which I'm sure I shouldn't be breathing. Haven't tried using the Dremel on it, mostly because I haven't wanted to get the air cleaner running. Having just rediscovered a bag of rhinestoney type things left over from my craft fair days, I'm interested in seeing how this stuff takes ink. If it does so to any decent degree, I could be using it to do my homage to Coco Joe's.

*While slurping my way through a second cup of coffee the other morning, I found my ass firmly wedged into the couch and my thumb attached to the channel button on the remote. I ended up stopping to watch a movie that I had seen the previews for, thought was somewhat interesting, had made a mental note to rent when it came out on DVD, and then promptly forgot about. I didn't have much else better to do on a cold Thursday morning, so I sat, slurped, and watched. '30 Days of Night' is a vampire move. Not sparkly, angst riddled, dreamy eyed vampires, but the hissing, growling, chew your neck out kind of vampires. The movie had decent potential from where I sat embedded in the couch. In the end, it was just OK. They had all the ideas in place to do something fresh in the vampire mythos, but they ended up letting it slip away in favor of ridiculous amounts of spraying blood and computer generated snow. The vampires themselves were appropriately creepy, violent, animalistic, and mysterious, but the unique points they had in the plot got underplayed to the point of being forgettable. A bit disappointing overall. Not less than I would expect for cable TV at 10 in the morning, but I'm glad I didn't actually pay money to see it.

*The desk is once again slowly disappearing under a creeping mound of paperwork and filing. I really should do something about that.

*My latest guilty TV pleasure? 'Archer'.

*I have a date with a couple of tubes of Superglue that I keep putting off. It's really no fun being reminded just how close you came to completely destroying something irreplaceable just because you were being lazy.

*Why, oh, why must the powers that be seek to ruin all that is good about being a kid?? There is NO reason whatsoever that Froot Loops should contain any added fiber. Or any actual nutritional value, for that matter. None. As in not one single reason. Froot Loops are meant to be eaten straight out of the box until your head starts swimming from the sugar rush and your parents throw you outside because they're sick of you riding your Big Wheel around the house at top speed while chasing the dog and screaming like a maniac.


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