Saturday, January 30, 2010

Augmented Collar Tracking System Alignment Tape

*I had a small emotional collapse this week. It was highly unpleasant. I hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon. I still haven't bounced back completely from it. I think that's all I'm going to say about it for now.

*$300. A nice amount of money. Not an excessive amount, but surely a nice chunk of change to have in your pocket. That would be enough to have a really nice day/evening out, and not feel overly guilty about how much you spent. For me, that is the amount of money it cost me to get an anal sac abscess on one of my dogs taken care of. Let me run that by you again in case you didn't quite understand: it cost me $300 (American dollars!) to get my dog's ass drained.

*Soon I will be eclipsing 40 years (+9 months) of existence on this planet. The two things I would like to do to commemorate this rather nondescript event both cause the Boss to become ill. Therefore, celebration plans are still in limbo.

*I never knew until the other night that my IPod Nano had games built into it. Go figure.

*It's really a pretty sad statement when you can recognize the movie "High Fidelity" just by overhearing the very beginning of it from another room.

*A few more days have wound off the clock and I am no closer to having a large piece to donate to the TAILS auction. A few fragmented ideas, and a couple pages of sketches, but nothing I can really run with. Or carve with, as the case may be. Was thinking I may actually just make a donation of a few of the smaller pieces. Might be a good chance to clear the shelves of those things I'm not so fond of. With the economy still sucking that may just be a better way to go. Or, I can get my lazy ass to work and do something amazing for a change.

*OK, after further thought on the subject, should I ever be in the position to have to have something in, near, or on my ass lanced, drained, and/or irrigated, and they told me that for $300 they'd knock me out before they did it- I would think that was a hell of a bargain.


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