Sunday, October 12, 2008


In which our hero channels Forrest Gump
[Friday, October 3rd]
"Am I just choosing to just play the role left over from the past era? The harmless goofy nice guy? Or is that simply who I am for no other reason but by default?"

I think there is some degree of genetic programming in action here. There must be a 'nice guy' gene. And, this gene must be an unfavorable mutation, as one of its primary functions is to all but eliminate the ability of its carriers to mate. The ladies do really like the bad guys. And, despite many attempts over the years, every bad guy persona I tried to develop was a dismal failure. Even on Halloween. The best (and that is a very loose usage of the word 'best') that I could ever come up with was this manipulative, deceitful, evil-wanna-be kinda thing that got me far more trouble than sex.

So, I'll guess I'll just wander back and take a seat in the 'I'm So Glad We're Friends' section. Or maybe the 'I Don't Want To Complicate Our Relationship' area. The 'You're Really Nice, But...' section is really pleasant this time of year. Or, I always have my reserved seat in the 'You Never Had A Chance' balcony.

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