Friday, October 17, 2008


CHAPTER TWENTY SIX: Mmmmmmm.......So Many Bits.....
In which our hero gives in.
[Saturday afternoon, October 4th, Metamora, IL]
"Yes, I broke my promise to not buy any more games this year (1). But Just For Fun games is an incredible game store that would acquire far more of my money if I did live in the Peoria area (2). For those of you who do live in the Peoria area, I would highly recommend that you pay them a visit for all your game related needs (3). They're located on Brandywine Drive right across from the entrance to Northwoods Mall (4). Go there (5). Spend money (6). I command you."

(1) But I promptly remade that promise after paying for my nice new copy of Nexus Ops. It's a really nice game, just ask Trotzkie. You should drop by some time, and we'll play a game or two of it.

(2) Gotta give some thumbs up and down to Cromag here. He was the one who found this place for me, so thumbs up! The dent this store puts in my wallet rates a medium thumbs down. Yes, I could see me spending lots of money there. Good thing it's 2.5 hours away. I would even go so far as to say that it's better than my local game store.

(3) They also have a big stock of jigsaw puzzles and plenty of space to set up and play games. They do also have CCGs (blech), and just about whatever other game you could want.

(4) 4640 N Brandywine Drive, Peoria, IL, 61614 (309) 686-7720

(5) Now! Go now! You're not doing anything better than goofing around on the computer, so go!

(6) Lots. Help keep this little gem in business. I probably could have easily spent $400-500 and not even tried too hard. Mind you, I never would have lived to play any of the games once Pinklady found out, but it would have been easy to spend a lot. Just as a word of caution for those not really familiar with the world of games beyond Monopoly and the like: it's not unusual to spend $35-50 on a new game nowadays. That would be for boxed games. Card games (not CCGs) probably land in the $10-20 range, depending on the game. Go on, spend a few bones and try something new. Interact with real people for a change. Or you can just sit there, reading weird blogs and surfing for porn.

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