Thursday, January 7, 2010

Black Wooden Secondary Crutch Tip Cap Protectors

*Been getting lots of questions from DJ lately. What makes all of it interesting is that a lot of it is stuff I haven't thought much about for a while. This is in spite of the fact that I have been told numerous times by numerous people that I think way too much already. It's also interesting to run up against someone who looks at things with an artistic eye. But, trying to format my answers has been challenging, and my thumb is starting to click much more than it used to. And I'm pretty sure that there have been things that have been inadvertently skipped. On the plus side, I got one signed up for this year's H'ween event already!

*So far, it hasn't really been anything much as far as snowstorms go. Tonight could be the real test of things. The snow that's come down so far is really light and dry, so when the wind kicks up tonight, the drifting could end up being pretty significant.

*There was no evidence of soup, and I have decided that the window squeal will remain a mystery until a later date.

*Just. Not. Quite. Done. But soooo close. The light and the mirror need to go up, the trim needs to go back on, and I have to find out what he's going to do about the door. Oh, and the vent cover. But that kinda goes with the trim, I guess. So, now it looks like early next week will be the time of completion. That's OK by me. Gives me time to not only do some cleanup, but to brace myself for the bill.

*OK-here's the rule: Unlabelled pills in a baggie are OK to take if and only if they just happen to be stamped with your name.

*Somehow, I managed to get the FILs project done today and still squeeze in a nap. I think it took me longer to remember how to connect all the cabling so that everything worked right than it did for me to actually do the recording and stuff. At least between all the trips up and down the stairs and shoveling snow I got my workout for the day. Got Pinklady doing a test play of the CD on her way to and from work tonight, just as a double check of the recording. If the brunch thing happens tomorrow like it's supposed to, the whole project will have been completed in a mere day and a half. On a side note, I was a little disappointed to find out that my copy of "Women and Children First" by Van Halen was warped. Not sure what I can do about that, if anything. On a second side note I realized that I need some more Swiffer dusters.

*An unexpected butterfly made for an interesting moment in the day. How it's related to the Chinese, I have no idea.

*It's always nice when you get a phone call from your insurance company and discover that they're looking to pawn your bill off on someone else, if at all possible.

*The new neighbors remain a mystery, except for SweatSnowPerson. The information gathered regarding this person is very slight, in that it amounts to the facts that we've never seen then in anything but sweats and they shovel snow. Gender remains indeterminate. My opinion? I think they're all Druids. Isolationist Druids. They could possibly even be Cyborg Isolationist Druids.

*Confirmation of the whole 'small world' notion is when you find out that the neighbors that just moved out from across the street now live right next to someone else you happen to know.


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