Sunday, January 3, 2010

Stocking Syntax Misalignment

*The definition of irony: discovering the week after Giftmas that you actually need new socks.

*A groggy morning accident the other day left me cleaning up a bunch of ground coffee that I had spilled on the kitchen floor. The unforeseen consequence was that today it smelled like I was vacuuming the house with the coffeemaker.

*It's cold outside. Not that 50 degree cold that sends Floridians into a state of apocalyptic panic, but that <-20 wind-chill cold that makes it hard to breathe and causes things, like your pancreas, to freeze solid. I know that it's a little warmer south of here, but I'm still deeply concerned over CroMag's housing situation during this weather. Well, not just this weather, any weather, really. I just have to keep my fingers crossed that his place doesn't burn down or fall down around his ears. I don't like doing that, and I really don't like him living in that situation. Not sure what my options are though. That's a bit frustrating. No. Not true. That's a lot frustrating.

*An incomplete discussion regarding the nature and intent of teasing remains my current sore spot for the day.

*Newman's Own Lime Vinaigrette Dressing: really like it, but it makes me burp citrus for hours afterwards...

*I have discovered that the really time consuming part of cataloging my collection is not actually taking the pictures. The part that really runs into a lot of time is doing all the photo editing. Cropping the shots, renaming them so they all line up in the right order, and the annotating them once I manage to get them all uploaded. Takes freakin forever. I have had a box of stuff out that needed to be cataloged sitting at the end of my workbench for who knows how long, so I finally set up the camera and all the other photo stuff today and went through the box. I think there were 11 things that needed to be shot, and that was after I decided to put another few things into a 'tropical, but not strictly tiki' category. So, only 11 items, and I still wound up with 120+ photos to go through. And that was a small box of stuff. I know there's boxes under that bench that have to have 30 or more pieces in them. Plus I'm not really sure exactly how many boxes there are. And the cap to the whole situation is that I'm not really sure that I like the pictures I took, even after throwing out more than half of them. Just been long enough since I've done this that I'm out of practice, I guess. And then, as one last insult, I somehow managed to not grab the sheet that had all my measurements and notes on it as I went out the door, so I couldn't finish what I needed to do on the computer anyway.

*While watching The Princess Bride this afternoon, I found myself looking at Robin Wright and thinking of RedWindow. Inconceivable! Or maybe not. Could be the eyes, or maybe the dress color, I don't know.

*Had a good visit with SwishB on Saturday, even though the topics of conversation remained rooted in the safe and well-worn. I think was the single best haul of Giftmas stuff that I pulled in at once this year, though. I do so enjoy Pearls Before Swine. And tikis. And Andre the Giant.

*I should pull all the stuff for the bathroom that's out in the garage into the house when I get home so it has time to warm up before Horst shows up in the morning.

*Why the hell would the dog have decided to throw up on the stairs, of all places?


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