Friday, January 22, 2010

Left Handed Erotic Vampire Pineapple Boxes

*Strange as it seems, I think I am almost done with revamping the bar. The concept of an actual completed project is still boggling my mind a bit. I have maybe a dozen pieces of cane to attach, and then for all intents, it's done. The custom carved panels will come later, if at all. But then again, I may have just had enough fun working on this revamp that I may just build a new bar from scratch and make the custom panels for that one instead. What then will become of this current effort?, you may well ask. Probably just give it away to some fellow tiki freak. Or, it could become the garage bar.

*The irony of one person at work telling another that they were being unprofessional by yelling at them in the center of the lab was not lost on me.

*The forecast for the weekend consists primarily of rain. I can live with that. The overcast skies that tend to come with the rain are a bit harder to live with. As opposed to snow, you don't have to shovel rain. That I like. The mud that results from the rain that the Thundering Horde will bring to every inch of the house I don't like. And, as the snow vanishes from the backyard beacause of the rain, the time will soon arrive for the Great Mid-Winter Yard De-Turdification. At which point, I will get to put on the Boots of Trudging, pick up the legendary Silver Scooper, and slog around in the snow and mud whilst filling bag after bag with semi-frozen dog poop that's been laying around since November or so. It's such a blast. We have cake and balloons to celebrate. I just can't wait.

*Below the radar and off the charts, but not far from my thoughts: Bluegirl, Dhawk, Scart, Crookt, Mada, and far too many others...

*Of all the words in the English language that you can use to describe your urine, "lumpy" should never be one of them. "Crumbly" is another.

*In the process of using the cane to trim out the bar, a decent number of trimmed ends and castoff pieces are being generated. Of course, it came into my mind that these could also be carved into tikis of various types (I mean really, what else would you do with them?). Using a very fine X-Acto knife blade, I am pleased to say that this is something that can indeed be done. The most noticeable difference in technique is concerned with the actual structure of the cane itself. But, since the cane is hollow, the depth of surface you have to work with is minimal (and variable, to boot). Make one cut too deep and you run the risk of ruining the whole carving. Slip once with the X-Acto knife and you run the risk of ruining an entire finger. But, as I say quite often: it's not officially a project until you bleed on it.

*It may be about time to watch "Ferris' Bueller's Day Off" again, and remember one of the greatest plans ever that never actually happened.

*I have the Pegasus Bridge scenario for Memoir '44 all set up and am only lacking one thing-an opponent. Looking at the setup and all the pieces gave me a neat idea, which means that someone else has already thought the same thing and acted on it to great success, but I'm going to describe my thought anyway. I recall having the little green plastic army men as a child, and it struck me that those would be good for use as the infantry units in M'44. Of course, that would mean completely rescaling the entire board and all the other components. Not to mention that I recall the army men having Vietnam era weaponry. And I don't recall any that could even remotely pass as German soldiers. Other than all of that, I think it's a damn skippy good idea. Or, I had also thought that having some type of counter system that fits right on the base of the infantry units might be nicer than having all the loose soldier figures. That way, instead of 4 figures per unit, you could have one figure with 3 counters on the base. Take away one counter per casualty suffered, and the remove the actual figure from the board when the unit takes the last casualty. Just a thought.

*Need to find someone that does furniture repair and see what it would cost me to get the seat frames of a couple of my rattan chairs fixed. Can't have the Tiki Lounge Grand Opening and Celebratory Bar Break-In without all the seating being in complete working order. I do have the vague thought that all the alcohol should also be in perfect working order.

*What massively sick and twisted evil could there be in the cosmos that would have caused a potential week in Hawaii to undergo shrinkage and perversion on such a cataclysmic scale that it would turn into a weekend in the Dells?? That is just so totally and completely wrong I can't even begin to contemplate it...

*Get to be up nice and early Saturday morning so I can be in Gilberts by 10 to drop off one of my empty carbon dioxide tanks. Figure I may as well swing by Spring Hill Mall (if it's still there and there are any stores left in it)since I'll be all the way out there anyway and see if they have anywhere I can scare up a copy of the new HeroScape expansion . But really, what are the chances of a mall actually having something that you're looking for??


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