Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hokey Alchemy Biscuits

*Torqued out my back again. Same spot as before. At least all the Ben-Gay vapors are keeping my sinuses clear. Plus, I don't need to wear any cologne.

*Tomorrow, the plumber. And then, the whole project should be damn near finished. That is a very good thing, since Pinklady is basically about at the end of her rope as far as patience goes.

*More snow on the way, or so the forecasters are saying. Somewhere between 1" and 12" between now and Friday morning, and after that the drifting starts. Whoopee. I'd consider moving to Florida if it wasn't so damn cold there.

*I've gotten back to working on my photo inventory. Two boxes of tiki items have been dutifully photographed. One box worth of photos has actually been edited and posted. Zero boxes worth have actually been described. But, hey, gotta start somewhere, and if PinkLady was to see me working with a maul and chisel, I would be on the business end of a scowly face for quite some time. So, taking pictures is something I can do with a minimal chance of re-injuring myself. Then again, I can't recall how many times I've thought that in the past regarding a wide variety of activities, only to end up finding some way to injure myself.

*"Revolver" was the first disc I pulled from Pinklady's Beatles box set to listen to.

*Need to get a hold of CroMag tomorrow and see how things are going down there. Between the weather, my back, any any further issues he may have encountered, I may have to skip going down there. Of course, I could always see if he's interested in coming up this way. Now, if I were to revert back to my superstitious/religious/fatalistic nature, I think I would have to say that the universe/God(s, esses)/fate seemed to be conspiring against me.

*Got to get the FIL's record recorded, coverted, split, ID'd, cleaned up and burned tomorrow before I head into work. Nothing like a little pressure to make the work go faster.


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