Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Communicable Sulfrous Celebrity Parsnip Fungus

*Somehow, they managed to do it to me again. I got my work schedule all shuffled around for the next couple of days so I could do my civic duty and when I get to the courthouse today, I find out the case has been continued. The judge apparently had an emergency and they pulled the plug on the trial sometime this morning. Great. The person at the desk at the State's Attorney's office said that it still showed the case as going on today. The people at the Circuit Clerk's office knew the case was off, but the prosecutor's office, which is right across the street, didn't know. Makes me wonder how any of these cases get prosecuted successfully. The other point of interest was that I didn't see anyone else who even remotely looked like they might be involved with the case in the area. The folks from the lab in Springfield would have been really close to, if not in Sycamore. Unless someone bothered to call them and tell them to turn around and head for home. Same goes for the arresting officer, the Dr from the ED, all the nurses from the ED, and whoever else the state went and slapped with a subpoena. Anyway, either they got notified, or just weren't going to show up. Either way it makes me wonder why the hell I should even bother to drag my ass over there in the first place. But, I did hear from one person that the case is supposed to be continued on the 9th of February. Gee, I'm going to be on vacation then. Oh, darn.

*Monstrous stack of boxes in the hall + me feeling Puckish = the bones of a great prank, should I have the time to pull it off...

*The bar is done (at least as much as I'm going to do right now), and is in the process of being populated. Turns out that I had held on to quite a stash of glassware (and plasticware) appropriate for bar usage and had tucked it away in a closet. Of course, this stash is large enough that I don't really have room for all of it in the actual bar. I also haven't dragged out all the misc 12oz bottles of alcoholic beverages that are stored in the studio closet (don't ask). Turns out that if you have a few parties at your place, you can collect quite a variety of leftover beverages. And then nobody will drink them. Anyway, I guess this was a good project for me, since I already have ideas for the next version I'd like to build bouncing around in my head. Maybe this is not only a good sized project for me as far as completion time goes, but something that covers just enough different skills to keep my interest.

*Now where did I leave the paper that had my PBEM chess game on it?

*Nice to have another trio of lovely ladies added to my friend list on Facebook. One old heartbreak, one not so old heartbreak, and one who has recently called me an ass. Business as usual in my world.

*Since when is shiraz considered to be the tequila of wines? Did I miss another memo? Was there a vote?

*I just realized that I have about a week until I have some time off. Joy! I know that if I can get the pile of filing out of the office during that time, it will greatly enhance the calmness of my living situation. Beyond that, might take a trip out to the burbs for a visit, or may head down Peoria way. Could be a good time to go out an do some antiquing. Maybe I'll see if Cromag wants to head up this way. I could also lay out some plans for the opening night of the tiki lounge. I could also start on the tiki I'm still thinking of donating to TAILS this year. Of course, if I opt for that, I'm giving myself all of 39 days to get it done. Completely done. Like walking out the door done. That's a pretty tall order. Especially when you're talking about a piece of maple that's 4' long and 14" across. Let's see, a short deadline, huge pieces of wood, chainsaws and other sharp whirly slicey type stuff...what could possibly go wrong??

*First Callie, now Toby. This winter has been unkind to many loved family members.

*Allied forces carried the day in my first run-through of the Pegasus Bridge scenario. But, the victory was secured by only one medal, which was far closer than I had thought it would be from just looking at the opening setup. The Germans were greatly hampered in their efforts by drawing very few cards that let them issue commands to units on either flank. The Allied forces managed to only capture one bridge, but managed to destroy enough German units to get their 4th medal. But now the board has been reset, and perhaps this time around the Germans will be able to hold off the Allies.

*I am bored with the internet. I guess it would be better to say that I'm not really bored with the whole concept of the internet and all, but at the moment I have no compulsion to spend a lot of time there either. I mean really, how much midget porn can you look at before it just gets old?

*Why can't I ever get an entire song stuck in my head? Why does it have to be one line, or a stupidly small fragment of one line that just goes on and on and on and on? And why Merle Haggard??

*I have been informed that any pranking efforts attempted at this particular juncture in time would not be met with the most positive of moods. Thus, my mellow has been harshed.


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