Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Pseudo Vented Squid Numbering

*Colored pencils? Check. Eraser? Check. Ink wash pen? Check. Pencil sharpener? Check. Source book? Check. Sketch pad? Sketch Pad?? Hmmmmmm.... Sketch pad....Awwww, crap.

*For those of you who may be considering doing it in the near future, take note: you cannot nail bamboo/cane to any other surface, because the nails will cause it to split. Not that I didn't already know that, but I somehow believed that I, mighty servant of the Tiki Gods that I am, could subvert the laws of physics and nature and cause it to not happen. I was wrong. Soooo, if I intend to use the cane that I harvested from the Miscanthus in the front yard to trim out the bar, I will either need to use adhesive of some sort, drill a hole in every piece before I nail it, or come up with some other brilliant idea for fastening it. Beyond that, the bar is completely reassembled and the rope light is installed. Even though is has a pronounced bow in it, I opted to reuse the original inside shelf, mostly because I didn't feel like climbing over everything in the garage to get to my stock piece of MDF. I figure the weight of all the booze bottles should straighten it out pretty fast anyway. I'm also going to work on custom carving some pieces for the end caps and probably the front section as well. Looks like my $40 bar is turning into quite a project. I don't know why I would even be entertaining the notion of making them for fun and profit.

*"Will work for cookies" just doesn't seem to be the best of business slogans...

*CrookT needs glasses? Oh, gee, that just completely changes my opinion....NOT!

*Outside, it's a damn near glorious day. One of those January teasers that causes you to develop the slightest ray of hope that spring may be close around the corner. Bright sunny blue skies, slushy melty snow, practically no wind-everything you could expect to get from a nice January day in IL. All I can think is that it means that the state will soon be going on full bore Sub-Arctic lockdown until around June or so.

*Challenged by Mango at the Fountain? A stab of jealousy towards TPQ at the party? Captain Jonathan with phone logs? It does appear that the dream wagon has launched itself way off the rails yet again.

*I could be very well sitting in court as part of a felony DUI case at this time next week. OK all you knuckleheads-calm down. I will be appearing as a witness for the state of IL. Supposedly. If I go to court, I don't necessarily end up working that same day, but then I'm stuck in a courtroom all day. I think I'd rather be at work getting paid than sitting on my ass watching someone try to weasel out of a DUI. The interesting thing is that since this is a felony case, there was maybe a death involved or something like that. Still, the weasel factor will be pretty high, I'm thinking. If I'm lucky, they'll do a plea bargain or something like that and get the whole deal settled before I even have to go. Or, as has been the case in several other DUI cases I have been involved in over the years, the state won't be able to get all their people in one place at the same time and the judge will toss the case out.

*Got a lot of projects lining up for Spring Cleaning time. I am thinking the garbage guy is really not going to be liking me if I somehow manage to get even half of them done...

*I do not recall giving the other side of my back permission to start acting fucked up.

*Munchkin Mondays. Got a decent ring to it, eh? People just love alliteration. Even though I have found some interest for this particular game, I would still have to make that work with the notion that I only get 1 of every 4 Mondays off. I am really starting to think that there is practically no way I can get the whole notion of a game group off of the ground. And that really sucks, considering how much $$ I have tied up in games. And after I decided to head over to the Goodwill before going grocery shopping, I now have another $10 invested. Got two vintage and one contemporary game for that price, though. Funny thing about that visit: in the parking lot at the Goodwill was a new H3 Hummer and a Ford F17000 Mega-Super-Awesome Duty truck. Go figure. Had thought about forking out some $ and starting a group, but after hearing of the lack of success BigBri had there, I'm not sure if I want to go that route.

*I was not very impressed with the pear+gorgonzola salad dressing I picked up at the store. Well, I was impressed with it when I picked it up, which is what actually caused me to buy it. When I tasted it is when I ceased to be impressed.

*A picture may indeed be worth a thousand words, but the current bone of contention is how many questions a picture is worth.

*The leak in the new shower seems to have been mended by Horst's last visit. The check was handed over at that point, so the bathroom is technically done. The Boss picked out all the other stuff, and all that remains is for me to attach it all to the various surfaces in the bathroom. Aside from the fact that there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of water pressure, I really like the new shower. Of course, when I have the on-demand hot water heater put in I could just have them install a pressure booster at the same time. I am still wanting the tube lights, though the stack for the old wall heater is starting to look pretty scary where it comes up out of the roof. Guess I'll just wait and see what in, or on, the house is falling apart the worst when I get done paying this job off.

* said 'merged'....heh..heh...


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