Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Degraded Omelet Basket Signage

*When you come into work with a headache, the last thing you really feel like doing is going to a monthly meeting. So I didn't.

*Went over to the coffee shop that our neighbor runs this morning, and through the course of the usual chit chat, she hints at the idea that I can/could do some type of artwork for the shop. Of course that piqued my interest. The problems I encountered was that there was no preference expressed on this being an indoor or an outdoor piece, and there is currently no real theme to the decor of the place. Well, forget the theme, there really is no decor as of yet. That leaves me with no place to start, or a wide open field, depending on how you look at it. The actual shop is a franchise, so there's nothing really distinct about it. The location is in with a gym that trains kids in acrobatics and the like. That I might be able to work with. Now that I've been sitting here thinking about it, I actually do have an idea. And it could be done on a fairly large scale. Guess I'll have to do some rough sketch work and see if I can develop this notion a little further. Might just entail a field trip and some staged photography. And a really big canvas.

*People make pies from lemons, and people make pies from limes, but do people make pies from oranges? And more importantly, can you make pie from mangos?

*Just heard from the State's Attorney, and it turns out that the case I was called on is going to be happening-no plea bargain or continuance. The only difference is that it will be a bench trial and not a jury trial. I can already smell the gathering weasels...

*It is simply not possible to have a good engaged discussion about religion in SMS format.

*Take one piece of cane from the bale and mark to the needed length. Trim down with fine toothed saw. Place in position, and drill nail hole with Dremel tool. Insert and hammer down nail. Drill second (third, fourth, etc) nail hole with Dremel tool. Insert and hammer down nail. Return to first step and repeat process ad nauseum. I think that this is how I will be spending a great deal of time in the near future unless I manage to discover some other miraculous means for attaching all the trim to the bar. But, after all the work so far, the bar is actually starting to look like something that really goes in the space. And when I get it done, the whole space will be one step closer to being complete. And the more complete it gets, the more time I'm going to spend down there. This will no doubt annoy the Boss. I also had the idea of just having evenings when the Tiki Lounge (and the Art Annex) will be open for anyone who wants to drop by.

*Even Fuschia was not able to keep the secret forever...

*Will people ever stop blathering on about the Golden Globes or whatever awards show was on recently?? Then again, I guess I should just be glad they've stopped talking about Michael Jackson.

*Yearbook, Facebook, blast from the past, friend of a friend, one seat behind. Adds up to yet another pang in the heart and another set of haunting eyes shining from the computer monitor in the depths of the night.

*If my phone suffers premature keypad death, or if my left thumb spontaneously detonates, at least I will be able to blame someone other than myself. I could say the same about the reruns, but I just so happen to like those.


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