Saturday, January 16, 2010

Fish Phone

*Sorry to hear the prognosis for Callie.

*The sides have been reinforced and are now re-attached to each other and the top. Just need to put a few more brackets on, which will secure the body of the bar to the base, and then all the structural work should be done. That will leave me with figuring out the trim, installing the shelves, and figuring out the lighting. When you look at it that way, I'm only about half way done with this bar project.

*Whilst trying to clean out and rearrange the garage during my time off, I was rewarded with another painful reminder that my back had most likely not recovered from the last time I had injured it. The end result was that I got to spend a couple of days reeking of Ben-Gay while flat on my back on the living room floor on a heating pad.

*I continue to be amused and somewaht confounded by DJ's questions. I may have to dig out the Zobmondo book to keep things interesting from my end.

*OK, I really need to work on remembering to be quiet when someone asks my opinion at work. Whenever I indulge my notions of speaking my mind, it does nothing more than generate unwanted attention.

*Took a long weekend off of work and as usual, I didn't end up getting a lot done, which is really annoying. Not that I really have any reason to be annoyed, since it was my fault that nothing got done.

*District 9 was my first Blu-Ray movie experience. I enjoyed the movie, and the visuals were quite impressive indeed.

*Having exhausted her enthusiasm for Bones (at least for now), the Boss has moved on to yet another TV show on DVD. Burn Notice is her latest series of interest.

*It's finally done! (well, almost....) While Horst packed in his tools earlier this week, the bathroom is not quite done yet. The Boss needs to find some towel bars she likes, and when I put those up, I also need to reinstall her funky swing arm mirror. And a garbage can. Need a new garbage can. But before that gets done, I need to put a call in, because I think the sill plate for the shower door isn't sealed properly.

*I thought I had been getting better about being more safe in my general work practices. The idea of keeping the working area free from clutter seems to have escaped me this past week and resulted in the breakage of one vintage tiki mug, and the near breakage of several more. Quite a rude, yet effective, wake-up call regarding my work practices.

*OK, the construction is pretty much over, but I still can't account for the sheer quantities of dust present in the house. May have to try one of those electrostatic dust attractor thingies to see if that helps. I'm already using fairly expensive furnace filters, and training the dogs to eat the dust hasn't gone very well.

*I am debating as to whether or not I should remind Mr. Koch that it's his move in out PBEM chess game. I recall being in a less than tactically advantageous position, but sneaking away from a potential loss doesn't seem quite sporting.

*Online access from work has been all but eliminated. Rats.


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