Tuesday, December 30, 2008

100% Gluten Free!

Well, today at work is sure a change from yesterday. At least so far. Got my tiny little ass run over six ways from Wednesday yesterday. The capper for the evening was having to section four toes from someone's left foot so we could set cultures. I didn't want to end my day with dicing up toes. Not that it would be a great way to start the day, but fishing a big toe out of a cup so you can slice it up is just not a good way to close out your work day.

This week between Christmas and New Year's can be so unpredictable as far as business goes. And with the weather going all over the place, it makes it even harder to say what's gonna happen. I thought for a second there that strep/flu/RSV season had started in earnest, but it doesn't seem that that's the case now. Still getting them, just not at the insane rate we have over the past few winters.

Got asked if I wanted to work New Year's Day today. That would be another day of time and a half, plus shift diff. Tempting for the split second that I didn't remember the fight I had this past weekend with Pinklady regarding holidays and my work schedule. If I thought I could get away with working Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day, I would be gravely mistaken. So, I had to give that one a pass. As it is I'm glad I looked at the schedule today, because I didn't realize that I was supposed to be in at 1400 tomorrow. At least that mostly insures that I'll be out at 2230 and can go put in an apppearance at the neighbor's party. Oh. Boy. Will. That. Be. Fun. Whoo. Hoo.

Aside from the getting a blog entry in today, my morning was pretty much a waste of time, not counting playing goalie while the dogs got their nails cut. Even though I had the whole house to myself, which doesn't happen much anymore, I still didn't do anything notable. Unless you're impressed by the video game playing abilities of a 38 year old. I did manage to find out when I have to have the donation tiki done, and ignored a boatload of strange requests on Facebook. Beyond that, I sat on my ass. There is a small part of me that worries that the medium low energy level I am currently experiencing is a symptom of a need for an increased medication level. That would make the fourth straight year that I've had to increase my dosage to keep from crawling under a rock.

**I still have gifts to wrap and deliver. Some of which could be yours.

**Shoes are ridiculously expensive.

**Gotta call Cromag in the next couple of days and see how the office move went.

**By the time Pinklady goes back to work, it is highly likely that she will not have accomplished any degree of her goal for the past week.

**They're biscotti. They're supposed to be that hard. That's what the espresso is for.

**I should pick up a couple packs of floor tiles so I have replacements handy.

**She likes Nerds. Freakin adorable.

**I need to shampoo the peanut butter residue out of the carpet tomorrow. And the blood.

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