Sunday, December 7, 2008

Trash or treasure?

Tropical TAILS is coming up in a couple of months, and I need to decide not only if I want to go, but if I want to donate something for the silent auction. I seem to remember this crossing my mind last year as well. It also seems to have left my mind as quickly as it entered. In any event, I need to make a few decisions. If I wanted to donate some tikis for the auction (since it is a tropical themed event), I'd have to go through my collection and decide which ones I wouldn't mind getting rid of. Of course, the ones I'd be most likely to let go of would also be the ones that aren't the greatest to start with. And, the object of donating something to a charitable event would be to help them raise money, not to help me clean out my project closet. On the other hand, it would help me clear out some space. I just had the thought that I could carve down the fangs in the first big pine tiki I did and let that one go. Could also get rid of a couple of the smaller pieces I've done. Or, I could keep all my stuff and just give them money instead.

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