Saturday, December 6, 2008

Just Saturday

**Woke up to find more snow on the ground. Wasn't expecting that. Not sure why I wasn't expecting it, I just wasn't. Not that I had bothered to watch the forecast or anything. So we got a touch more of that dry, poofy blowing snow. Just enough that I did have to go out and make an effort at clearing the driveway. Was fortunate enough to have the neighbor blow out the end of the driveway where it meets the street. Of course, it also seems that she went all the way down the sidewalk to who knows where with the snowblower. Not that I minded.

**Good luck to Jeweltiger in getting the snot out of her head.

**Left my phone at home sitting on the charger. Not really a functional problem as much as it is an annoyance. Not like tonight is gonna be the night that I get a text from the Spanish Women's Gymnastics team saying that they had a mass wardrobe malfunction and they need my help.

**Brought way too much stuff to do tonight that isn't work related. Not like I don't have things I need to get done here, it's just that I really don't want to be doing any of it. At least since I came in at 2 today, I get to head out at 1030. It also seems kinda stupid to be all worked up about the things I didn't do while I had the day off yesterday. Odd thing is that I actually think I got all the stuff done that I set out to do at the start of the day. With the exception of getting some epoxy and going to the game store. It could also be argued that I spent a minimal amount of time on art, and only slightly more on reading. Barely managed to get a nap in, too.

**Got one of those 'I'm out shopping RIGHT NOW, so what do you want for Cristmas' calls today. I hate those. Mostly because I don't usually have an answer for the person who's calling. That almost always ends up meaning one thing: gift certificates.

**"Wanted":A gimmicky, one-trick, attempt-to-make-violence-into-art kind of movie. I wasn't terribly interested in seeing it, but Pinklady decided she wanted to. The jerky quick/slow POV camera work got her somewhat motion sick by the middle third of the movie. I had gotten bored to the point where I was just hoping something other than another exploding head would happen. The overall impact of the movie was something like Office Space meets Reservoir Dogs. Forget about curving the bullet, just curve yourself away from this DVD when you see it in the rental store. MALE SPOILER ALERT: There is only one very, very, very brief shot of Angelina's mostly bare, wet butt (and nothing else) in the whole movie.

**Dhawk must be living in the vicinity of a black hole in order to account her her rather odd perception of time that has left me with not even the vaguest clue of what was under the black.

**Dammit!! I just caught myself looking at the clock and counting the hours till I'm done. Not a good thing, as it isn't even 4 yet....

**Some 4 legged occupant of the house decided that the new leaf on my banana plant must be rally tasty. Luckily for them, that occupant's identity remains unknown.

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