Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho-Now Make It Go!

I have discovered that one of the things that grates on my nerves most during the 'holiday season' is Christmas carols/songs. Mind you, it's not really the actual song itself, but the fact that you hear the same 2 dozen or so songs from August thru mid-January in an endless repeating loop. It's almost like having a CD stuck in your player that you can't remove. Ever. And if you dare comment on it in any way other than the positive, be ready for the public at large to rip you a new one. And then fill it with a festive holiday display. I don't really want to hear Barry Manilow singing 'Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer'. Ever. And I do mean ever. The original song is OK to hear once, maybe twice a year. The first time you kinda catch it in the middle and then you start tuning in to whatever song is playing cause you want to hear that one specific song again. And within a very short amount of time, you will no doubt hear it again. And that's enough. You've heard it, and you're done. In small doses like that it can be quite amusing and even fairly festive. By the time your hear it the 473rd time, you are praying that someone will shove a knitting needle through your skull to make it stop. Even back when the 'holiday season' started the day after Thanksgiving, by the time Christmas rolled around I was pretty much ready for a change of music. But it seemed that not even the appearance of a brand new calendar year was enough to make it go away. Even now I rarely listen to the same CD more than twice in a row. I have something like 200 hours of music stored on my computer, and I get cranky when I hear the same song twice in a week when I'm listening to a random shuffle playlist. I just don't want to hear Clay Aiken's rendition of the Spanish version of Van Halen's take on the Indian remix of 'O Come All Ye Faithful'. IT'S THE SAME DAMN SONG!!!! I don't care whose Christmas album it is, I really don't want to hear it. If it's actually a new composition, you're more likely to get me to listen, but realistically, by the time Halloween has come and gone, I've had my fill of Christmas music. Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to partake of some Nine Inch Nails.

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Doodiebug said...

I agree! Our radio station used to start nonstop Christmas music on Thanksgiving day. NOT this year! NOPE! It started like NOv. 1. I refused to listen to that station for almost all of Nov.! I can handle it for the month of Dec.