Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow White and Sky Grey

I think it would be safe to say that there is more snow on the ground here currently than there has been at any given time in any winter in recent memory. It was here, oooh, aaah, now it can go away. The holidays are within about 8 hours of being over, so the whole white Christmas thing can go jump. Actually, I think there's a chance for thunderstorms in the forecast for this weekend. So, in one period of seven days, we will have gone from a -35 degree wind chill to upper 40's and thunderstorms. And, as a concession to my upcoming advance into middle age, we did our part to help stimulate the economy and finally gave in and purchased a snowblower. So now, part of me wants to make sure I get my money's worth of this investment by getting a lot of use out of it, and another part of me wants to never have to use it again. Ever.

I am currently waiting to hear back from someone at TAILS to see if they want to accept one of my tikis as a donation for their Tropical TAILS fundraiser. Be interesting to see how much it would go for, and it would also help thin my collection out by just the tiniest bit.

**Spore is putting too large a dent in my studio time.
**When I don't have cereal for breakfast, I tend to forget to take my meds.
**For a little light holiday reading this year, my choice is "The Silence of the Lambs" by Thomas Harris.
**The padlock on my locker at work decided to die today.
**The glasses are for reading only. And the left eye is the bad one. They're both nice to look at, though.
**How challenging is a Muse meant to be? And, is it possible to be inspired in Peoria?
**Dimples survived her final! Yay!
**It is ridiculously, dangerously, freakishly, unnaturally cold outside (Sunday). Or, you could see it as a very minimal preview of what may happen when all of the energy present in the universe is expended and the temperature of all that remains is hovering just above absolute zero.
**Will rates go below 5% again? I can only hope.
**Here's hoping the lights are back on in IN.
**I think the whole 'short arms' excuse is fairly lame, with only the tiniest footing in reality. I mean really, who hasn't heard of a mirror?
**Good to finally hear from Dhawk. Glad it wasn't a flare, and hope you feel better soon.

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