Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I feel like I may be on my way out of the Doldrums. Maybe. Right now, it's somewhat hard to say since I have a persistent lingering visual headache that seems to be a holdout from the game of Painkiller that I was playing earlier. That left me feeling vaguely nauseous. I'm also really tired, which is no great surprise. Guess I'l have to see how I feel in the morning in order to be able to decide if this little spell is over, or is just winding up to hit me again a little harder. I'm hoping for the former and not the latter. The way this whole thing feels like it almost snapped while I was at work does make me wonder if I was in the process of coming down with something, which then just had a synergistic effect with the downer. To early to call yet, I think.

Pink and teal for Jeweltiger tonight. Not bad at all.

From the looks of things, I can only hope that Jaws continues to spill crystal violet all over the place.

No holiday list exists outside of my brain, and very little of one even exists there.

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