Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What, ho? An idea?!

Jaws seems to have unwittingly provided me with the seed of an idea that seems to be stuck in the old brain pan. I've already laid some graphite of the first version, but at the moment, the palatte is eluding me. I was going to work in the general tones of the crystal violet, but after asking, I find that blues are the preferred color. Interesting. Very interesting.

Got a little more snow down today, and it seems that people decided to not drive around and randomly smash into each other. At least that's my take on the situation given the lack of trauma patients in the ED. Cold and very windy should make clearing the driveway less than fun, too.

Once again, it seems the triple play of meds, exercise, and vitamins is helping me move in the right general direction. May be time to head back to the pool. Shame that Kittyluv can't join me.

Watching the snow whip by the window makes me realize how loudly that hot tub in AZ is calling my name.

Dammit, what the hell do you people want for freakin Chrismas!?!?

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