Thursday, December 11, 2008

A little bristle action

The pack of Chinese brushes I picked up at Michael's a while ago are crappy. Or maybe not. I suppose it would be better said that they don't quite perform the way I had hoped they would. The smallest one in the bunch is still to big for doing the interior detail work on the piece I'm working on currently (the 4th incarnation of the piece inspired by Jaws). It worked well enough to do the big fill on the outside edges, but when wet it has a split tip, which I don't care for. Makes me glad I kept and cleaned that other self-contained ink pen. At least it has a nice tight tip.
Still not sure what the palette for this piece is going to be. Not entirely sure I'm gonna care for the form, but it looks interesting enough now that I'm at least gonna put some color down and see how it looks. Reds and blues, mostly. May have to get back into the tempera for this one.

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