Saturday, June 21, 2008

Are We Done Yet??

Day six of seven here in the zippety-doo-dah halls of Happyland. I could just puke. But just that little bit of puke that sometimes end up in the back of your throat when you burp. That sure will ruin the effects of an ice cream cone, I guarantee you. Oooooo! Strawberry and vomit! Gimme more of that! Anyway, the end of this particular slog through another week of work is in sight, and of course, business is quite slow. Not that I want to be freakishly busy, but c'mon. I have managed to finally finish up "Guns, Germs, and Steel" though, and I must say that I am a bit disappointed. For me there wasn't any real "Oh damn, I never thought of that!!" moment in this book. It did help flesh out some of the more logical reasons why one place would develop before another. Beyond that, I wasn't overcome with joy. Nor was I overcome by Joy, mostly because I know no one named Joy, and I cannot be defeated by dishwashing soap alone. Quarter to eight. No less than 3.25 hours before I can make my escape. Boing boing boing. What to do? I need to get my other post going at BGG, I have another book in my pack to read, piles of unfinished poems, mounds of unfinished sketches, yet I think I will be doing none of that in the immmediate future. Except for the book. And maybe a poem. Although I really could get the post done in no time. I really have no idea when Jesus (my coworker, not the savior guy) is coming in, either. A nap would be nice right about now. Might kill this minimal headache I have going. And if I have a headache, I can almost guarantee that Pinklady has one right now too. I do doubt that she is still suffering her way through the neighborhood party. Why, oh why, do people throw birthday parties for 1 year olds? Am I the only one around here who apparently doesn't remember anything before about kindergarden or so? Must be. Thought about going down to Sandwich tomorrow for the flea market, but I think I'd rather sleep in. Or maybe I'll ride over to the folks and finish up the arbor. Maybe I'll just go ride a 6 or 10 mile loop in the morning. I imagine at some point in the day I'll have to assemble a list of things that need to get done on Monday. What the hell happened to worrying about where you were gonna meet all your friends for the Saturday night party? Again, must just be me. Perhaps I will declare myself Viceroy of the garage and secceed from the rest of the house. Or just mow the yard. They make Eggo cereal now. Yup, time to make the donuts. I think I may have had just a tad too much coffee tonight....

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