Sunday, June 8, 2008

LJBT 5.5.8

5.5.8 0032
The music is done, and the washing machine has stopped. Pinklady and the girls are in bed, and I am alone at the end of the day with my thoughts. As my computer is spending at least tonight at Best Buy, I find myself falling back on the tried and true pen and legal pad method. Hopefully it will be slow enough at work tomorow that I can get it loaded into my journal.
The weather today was a damn sight prettier than yesterday. It was the kind of day with a sky so blue that when you looked at it against the new green leaves of the trees, it looked fake. I could have stood there in the sun for who knows how long just trying to completely absorb that unbeliveable contrast of colors.
The bulk of the day was nice and warm. Springtime warm, not quite summertime warm. I was reminded of just how temporary the temperature still is when I went out for a bike ride in the evening. That was around a quarter after seven or so, and the sun was fast heading for the horizon. Even though the trees along the nature trail haven't completely leafed out yet, it was close to being chilly along that stretch of my ride. I think I may have done around 5-6 miles at a nice easy pace, just enjoying being out and looking around at everything. Saw a lot of cardinals along the trail, and there was still quite a bit of standing water towards the Sycamore Road end. I am really hoping that doesn't mean we're gonna be overrun by mosquitos this year, but I won't hold my breath. The red trillium are all in bloom in the more forested parts of Hopkins Park, and they've also torn down the playground in the lower part. The bike path between Hillcrest and First is practically falling apart. I think it will soon be beyond repair if they don't do something about it soon. Not to mention the fact that it was kinda late, and there wasn't much to look at in the way of female scenery, either.
Amazon II has been around quite a bit this weekend, as Brick has been putting the new 'stone' cladding on the foundation (and I kid you not when I say it looks un-b-fucking-levable!!) She still intrigues me for reasons I know not why. Perhaps it's the basic physical resemblance to Amazon I. Or maybe it's just because I've tied them together in my head by callling them Amazon I and II. Could be the freckles. No matter how you slice it, I almost always show off when she's around, unless I keep a real close eye on myself. The car comment I made today sure fell deeply into the category of 'Bold and Stupid'. The Swordsmen would be proud.
While the foundatiopn does indeed look cool beyond words, any flower, weed, or blade of grass the dared to poke it's head out of the dirt was completely trampled into oblivion during the process of construction. Only time will tell if anything manages to survive.
It has now gotten to the point, as annoying as it may be, that even I think I should mow the yard. I am SOOOO thrilled.
The sceond pine log from Glob's backyard went under the chisel today. As a purely incidental discovery, I found that sidewalk chalk is really good for sketching out the basic design. Much better than using a Sharpie. Far less permanent, but much better to work with. The only real blank spot so far is that I haven't managed to figure out what to do as far as the headdress goes.
I actually got a lot done on the plank tiki tonight. Opted for an on-the-fly revision of the cheeks and under eye ridges. Instead of doing a full pillow top, I'm gonna leave all the edges that frame the nose straight up and down. If I get to the end and don't care for it, I can round it off later. Maybe I can get that one squared away before I get too far along on the other one. That would probably be a good thing.
Now I'm getting drowsy. More later.

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