Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Odd and Disjointed Week....

CHAPTER ONE: It's All Over Except For The Paying...
With any luck there should be absolutely noone arriving to do work of any sort on the house any time soon: the painter finished on Thursday. Ya-fucking-hoo. No more having to get up at ungodly hours to let someone in the house so they can start banging around and making a mess. I mean really, I still have garbage from Brick's job that has to be gotten rid of. (I've found that when disposing of largish blocks of freeform dried mortar, it is best to only put one or two out for the garbage man at a time.) The towel rods have gone up in both of the remodeled bathrooms, so they are, in essence, done. Only incidental decorating remains for those two areas. I am slowly clearing off space in the garage, and as of today, I could almost walk from wall to wall without bumping into a teetering mound of junk. Not that I'd want to perform surgery out there or anything like that. Brick ran by a check for the extra stone, so those should be going away sometime soon. Just going to keep enough to do incidental repairs, should we ever need to, and all the rest (to the tune of 4 full boxes) will be gone. Some how, over the past 2 days I have managed to get 2 sections of the new railings for the deck put in. If I can get up and get going in the morning before the next round of rain gets here, maybe I can get a few more in tomorrow. I am getting freaking tired of letting the dogs out through the garage.
Then come the flowerbeds, the morning glories, and who knows what the Hell else needs to get done outside. Did I mention that we're hosting the Father's Day brunch tomorrow too? Sound like a relaxing day off? Wonder if anyone will notice if I just dash off to Vegas for a while?

I have made a second attempt at trying to get a game group going. This time I'm trying a post in the regional section of the (yes, we have our own website too...) forums to see if I can scare up any interest. If I can manage to get a few responses there and then combine those with my group of occasionals here, I might just be able to get a group together that actually sticks around for a while. That reminds me, I need to go garage saling and pick up some folding chairs. Don't let me forget.

Today is my last day of 9 work days in a row. 'Nuff said.

CHAPTER FOUR:Swing Batter Batter Swing!
After seeing both my medical doctor and my counselor this week, the most apparently ironic thing that could happen did: my meds have kicked back in. I did stop for a brief moment and give a sigh of relief right before I started griping about not being able to be off of them for the summer. Doc just shrugged, smiled, and said 'Maybe next summer'. I was pretty sure something was going on when I noticed that I was no longer remembering the freaky dreams I had started having when I was coming out from under the meds. Apparently it alters the way you go in and out of your sleep cycles. Anyway, I seem to be gaining positive ground at a steady pace, at least as far as my chemically influenced brain activities go. Better than crawling around on my face, if I do say so myself.

* A question for Dhawk: does Windows Vista suck as much as everyone says it does?

* Maggots under the poop can. How gross is that?

* The Giant's project sits untouched on the office floor. Tomorrow may provide opportunity to get started on that.

* The red honeysuckle seems to be making a break for A+J's yard. I get their damn creeping charlie, and they get my gloriously beatiful honeysuckle vine. That is so not right.

* Why the Hell are people in Ohio so damn interested in my blog??

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