Friday, June 20, 2008

Tiki Update 6.20.8

As promised, here are a couple of updates for the most current tiki that I'm working on. Not that I've gotten most all of the log peeled, it's so white that it really doesn't photograph well. I took these shots from the left and right sides to try and let the light cast shadows into the carved out areas. Otherwise, it's really herd to tell what's going on. The only major setback on this project so far was a major botch-up in the headdress right above the eyebrow on the right side. I started to trench out a section that was supposed to remain raised up. So, I've had to adjust the whole angle of the headdress from the eyebrow up. What a freakin mess. Just hoping that it won't be too obvious in the finished project. But then again, I don't care a whole lot. If you don't like the fact that my tiki isn't mathematically perfect and proportionately square and plumb, bite me. Carve your own damn log.
Didn't really do a lot on this one today. Just trying to get the major lines carved in so that if the log checks any more, at least it will do so along the right lines. Kinda off today. Stayed up way too late playing on the computer, so I started the day late. We've had on little thundershower this morning, but it's sunny now. Still think I'm going to take a day off and drive in today. Beyond that, just got these next three work days to grind out, and then a day off. Yay. The schedule for July just came out yesterday, complete with vacancies. I think this time around I'm only going to pick up a couple of Saturdays. No more of this 7-8-9 in a row crap.
Time to go hit the shower and then off to FunLand.

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